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Hello, fellow friends and conservative bloggers. Patriots and rebels alike. It's official! I waited a few days to post about Biden's recent hate speech against the Republicans. We are now the party of fascist control and Nazi-like civil war-mongering. Just wondering if you knew. I would posit in return, that we are the party of... Continue Reading →


It’s embarrassing. He doesn’t get it. Someone needs to explain this to him. You don’t get to reverse SCOTUS by making new federal laws. See our constitution, it’s there for a reason. Abortion rights aren’t going to feed Americans when the shortages start. They aren’t going to fill American gas tanks to get to work... Continue Reading →

Here’s the Answer on How the SCOTUS Leak Might Affect the Midterms – RedState

Is it going to fire up the left? You might be surprised at the answer... — Read on Initial polling by CNN showed that abortion isn't the top concern of midterm election voters. The far more pressing issues of economic security and the inflation affecting everyone are front and center still. I've read some... Continue Reading →


People are either jubilant or up in arms. This is a tough conversation for anyone to have. Let me make it simple. You’re either a good person or you’re morally bankrupt. For years, Planned Parenthood has been in the business of killing babies. And no, we aren’t talking about children who can expect no quality... Continue Reading →

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