Love Them Both..

What a polarizing decision- The Supreme Court has overturned Rowe v. Wade! Or is it as polarizing as people make it out to be? For a while now I’ve touted this blog as a way to slow things down for me. I think best when I write free-form vs just posting memes and other reactions... Continue Reading →

Opinion: How real is the chance of criminally prosecuting Donald Trump? – CNN

Elie Honig writes that as a special grand jury convenes to consider potential criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, prosecutors will need to overcome a series of legal and practical obstacles before Trump faces meaningful consequences. — Read on Here's the thing- the entire premise of this lawsuit hinges on interpretation of what... Continue Reading →

Cringeworthy Closer

I can’t think of a more cringeworthy closing argument a prosecuting attorney can make in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. If we learned anything from Mr. Baldwin in recent weeks, you don’t ever point the business end of a gun at a person; especially if you’ve failed to clear the weapon yourself. The second unofficial rule,... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Tech - ISP blocks Twitter and Facebook to protest Anti-Trump Censorship I think we can very clearly see that there are roadblocks that have to be overcome before the primaries happen in 2022. This is just the first of them. How do you overcome something that has become so ingrained in our lives? Nobody goes... Continue Reading →

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