Silent Running

Picture featured was taken by Omar Haidari via Reuters~ Perhaps the most disturbing news is that between 11,000 and 40,000 Americans are stranded in Afghanistan with no guarantees of a way out. Depending upon who you listen to, there is no threat to Americans who identify themselves at the Taliban checkpoints on the way to... Continue Reading →

Show Me Your Papers!

It seems kind of backwards doesn't it? We went really fast from the stage of Republicans are Nazis to "show me your vaccination status" in a hurry. Some will argue that we are in the middle of a pandemic still, which we are. But I could have sworn that pandemics generally speaking have higher fatality... Continue Reading →

Myanmar Military Takes Over Remember- absolutely nothing is coincidental. Of course Biden is panicking. But as the "good Americans" know, election fraud isn't a thing. The last few days I have posted from Sidney Powell's report the facts of election fraud committed using Dominion Voting Systems. No matter what happened over the coming days, take care of business... Continue Reading →

Impeachment against all odds So here we are, admitting the impeachment doesn't have the votes to go through. But we are going to waste the time and taxpayer money to go through with the witch hunt anyway. This is a straight up political charade at this point to allow more grandstanding and speeches on bad, Orange man to... Continue Reading →

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