More cancellations And here we go! Long time Fox personality Lou Dobbs canceled in the latest round of "create unity by cancel culture". It won't end here - several media hosts, all conservative voices of course, have been threatened to be pulled from the air waves for contesting the election results and daring to posit that... Continue Reading →

AOC is a pathological liar Go ahead. Read it. Her fellow congressman called her out. Not only was the violence nowhere near them, it turns out AOC wasn't even there! I bet she was lying about being a rape survivor. She needs to prove it by showing us her record. She wants to play the victim, you should not... Continue Reading →

We Miss Kayleigh

What does an incompetent Press Secretary look like? Jen Psaki. That’s what incompetence looks like. You probably assume I’m biased and rightly so. But let’s take a look together. The color scheme of Air Force One is only a good question because it’s mundane and requires no thought. Ms. Psaki literally said it was a... Continue Reading →

Prager U said it best Big Tech is big brother. Putting this in my carefully curated conservatory for as long as it is allowed. I fear Prager U is not far behind on the censorship list. Me? I'm just a little fish.

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