X22- Game Theory

You should watch this here- things are quiet on the western front, right? Yes, they are. If you are still hoping that this plays out well, then let's all keep our fingers crossed. We will have to see what happens here. I'm not completely a believer in this line of thinking. But things are so... Continue Reading →

More cancellations

townhall.com/tipsheet/bronsonstocking/2021/02/05/fox-news-cancels-lou-dobbs-n2584321 And here we go! Long time Fox personality Lou Dobbs canceled in the latest round of "create unity by cancel culture". It won't end here - several media hosts, all conservative voices of course, have been threatened to be pulled from the air waves for contesting the election results and daring to posit that... Continue Reading →

The GEMS of Dominion Voting Systems

What is GEMS? Well according to the Sidney Powell report, GEMS is a key piece of Dominion Voting Systems. Simply put, it's the software that makes the magic work. You remember this image from prior entries right? Blown up picture of a page in the Powell Report... notice the glitches going back to the 2000... Continue Reading →

Myanmar Military Takes Over

apnews.com/article/aung-san-suu-kyi-myanmar-dda3d013897e14d5d0bd44d19eac9cd1 Remember- absolutely nothing is coincidental. Of course Biden is panicking. But as the "good Americans" know, election fraud isn't a thing. The last few days I have posted from Sidney Powell's report the facts of election fraud committed using Dominion Voting Systems. No matter what happened over the coming days, take care of business... Continue Reading →

Antrim Michigan Dominion Report part 2

Pages 3 and 4 of the Antrim, Michigan report on Dominion Voting System results 10. 1,222 ballots were reversed out of 1,491. This is an 81.96% rejection rate. Those ballots all went to adjudication for a decision by election personnel. Which election personnel adjudicated the ballots? Could it have been the like the ballots we... Continue Reading →

City Councilman election fraud arrest

Another Biden supporter, a city councilman, has been arrested for election fraud- this time it's in Louisiana. KTBS3, an ABC affiliate posted the story on January 7. Emanuel Zanders, III This fine gentleman and city councilman of Amite City was arrested on 8 counts of election fraud. He submitted voter registration applications that are false,... Continue Reading →

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