Impeachment against all odds So here we are, admitting the impeachment doesn't have the votes to go through. But we are going to waste the time and taxpayer money to go through with the witch hunt anyway. This is a straight up political charade at this point to allow more grandstanding and speeches on bad, Orange man to... Continue Reading →

Trump does the unthinkable

The following article was written by Liz Crokin. I thought it would be pertinent today as his presidency draws to a close to highlight the man and his many acts of generosity. Do you think he became President for the recognition? The people below, including Jennifer Hudson, would disagree. Sorry, Liberals and Never-Trumpers. This is... Continue Reading →

Building a Better Party

I think it's time to talk about fixing the mess we are in for. We really don't have even a minute to spare before the primaries will be upon us. For New Mexico we know that means several things- we need to find and support candidates for our Governor slot and we need to look... Continue Reading →

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