DC declaring state of emergency?

348 immigrants and 94 families shipped to DC from Texas and Arizona is a state of emergency? Don’t make me laugh. Total rookie numbers. They should see what it’s like living in a sanctuary state where the illegals overrun our streets and our Governor does nothing to stop them from flowing in. Overrun and crime-ridden... Continue Reading →

The Rogue Conservative

Hello, fellow friends and conservative bloggers. Patriots and rebels alike. It's official! I waited a few days to post about Biden's recent hate speech against the Republicans. We are now the party of fascist control and Nazi-like civil war-mongering. Just wondering if you knew. I would posit in return, that we are the party of... Continue Reading →

The Mile-high Abortion Club

There will always be misguided souls out there to help people carry out their most nefarious deeds in life. Rest assured if you want an abortion there are plenty of people who will help you keep it convenient. https://thepostmillennial.com/abortion-mile-high-club-pilot-launches-program-to-transport-people-across-state-lines-for-abortion-gender-affirming-care Many studies, heavily influenced by Leftist agendas will tell you that most abortions aren’t out of... Continue Reading →

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