More cancellations And here we go! Long time Fox personality Lou Dobbs canceled in the latest round of "create unity by cancel culture". It won't end here - several media hosts, all conservative voices of course, have been threatened to be pulled from the air waves for contesting the election results and daring to posit that... Continue Reading →

The Thought-Police State of America

Just when you thought America was here to stay... Fascist Book has censored the Pledge of Allegiance. Think about that one for a while. Are we actually the United States? And while we are at it, we might as well ignore the above discrepancies. The question remains- are you awake yet? Or are you going... Continue Reading →

Prager U said it best Big Tech is big brother. Putting this in my carefully curated conservatory for as long as it is allowed. I fear Prager U is not far behind on the censorship list. Me? I'm just a little fish.

Investigations that must happen

Now that we are moving toward a peaceful transfer for power, it's also time to very seriously consider and push to not lose sight of investigations that are needed. Just because we got shouted down doesn't mean fraud didn't occur. Don't make me drag Sidney Powell's report or the Navarro report back out for you-... Continue Reading →

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