Burning Down the House

The proverbial house is burning down to the ground. The Democratic Party house, at least. Finally, FINALLY, it seems people have had enough of the woke attitudes and the evisceration of their personal freedoms. They took away our right to free speech via censoring, going so far as to completely shut down an entire platform... Continue Reading →

Diminishing Freedom

Why should anyone care about Watergate 2.0? It’s old news according to, well, everyone. Back in 2016-something, the Clinton campaign hired a tech firm to infiltrate Trump Tower servers and later the White House servers to dig up the Russian Collusion story. Not a big deal in the day of technology warfare. And though it... Continue Reading →

Crime spikes

I don’t know why anyone would vote for any candidate that isn’t tough on crime. Things are so far out of control. Government is no longer as concerned for the people as it is for whatever crime lord has paid up. What is the reason for allowing innocent people to suffer and to let repeat... Continue Reading →

Winning for Women

The picture lead in says it all. And those who think Kamala Harris is a win for women are the same people who would oppress women by never seeing them come into their own. What constitutes "winning for women" then? Of course I agree with the short tweet. Merits and experience elevated to office or... Continue Reading →

Cringeworthy Closer

I can’t think of a more cringeworthy closing argument a prosecuting attorney can make in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. If we learned anything from Mr. Baldwin in recent weeks, you don’t ever point the business end of a gun at a person; especially if you’ve failed to clear the weapon yourself. The second unofficial rule,... Continue Reading →

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