Bank of America violates privacy laws Tucker Carlson's report So after the attack on the Capitol, the FBI went out of its way to ask B of A to search their thousands of customer private transactions for purchases that match a specific profile of those who might have gone to the Capitol or stayed in the area, including transactions and... Continue Reading →

Absolute truth

When you don’t want anyone to see the truth, you cancel social media, silence news stories, and cancel the voices. Do not watch the truth. Absolute Proof

Goalpost-shifting and power-mad

And here it is. Jen Psaki, the press secretary, just stated that even with the vaccine we will continue social distancing and mask wearing. She just empowered the New Mexico tyrant, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, to keep lockdowns as eternal and unending as Almighty God himself. So what’s next for you after you get the vaccine? Will... Continue Reading →

AOC is a pathological liar Go ahead. Read it. Her fellow congressman called her out. Not only was the violence nowhere near them, it turns out AOC wasn't even there! I bet she was lying about being a rape survivor. She needs to prove it by showing us her record. She wants to play the victim, you should not... Continue Reading →

The GEMS of Dominion Voting Systems

What is GEMS? Well according to the Sidney Powell report, GEMS is a key piece of Dominion Voting Systems. Simply put, it's the software that makes the magic work. You remember this image from prior entries right? Blown up picture of a page in the Powell Report... notice the glitches going back to the 2000... Continue Reading →

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