White House Press Corps Demands Sympathy Over Not Doing Their Jobs During a Biden Administration

"Riffed from the Headlines" is Townhall's daily VIP feature with coverage of the deeply flawed aspects of journalism in the nation. We'll look to bring accountability to the mishaps, malaprops, — Read on townhall.com/columnists/bradslager/2022/04/30/white-house-press-corps-demands-sympathy-over-not-doing-their-jobs-during-a-biden-administration-n2606562 Weird ~ I'm pretty sure there's plenty of room to do your job as the media should even in this administration.... Continue Reading →

The New York Times Series Attacking Tucker Carlson Buried a Pretty Important Disclaimer

On Saturday morning, The New York Times engaged in quite the hackery against Fox News' Tucker Carlson with "American Nationalist." It's not just a hit piece, but an entire series, — Read on townhall.com/tipsheet/rebeccadowns/2022/04/30/the-nyt-sure-picked-a-noteworthy-contributor-to-go-after-tucker-carlson-n2606558 So... the gist of this long smear article is an axe-grinding, bitter NYT leftist hack with secondary accreditation and no real... Continue Reading →

The Disinformation Governance Board

Violation of your 1st Amendment right to free speech is in full effect with the activation of this new Biden/ Harris initiative. Elon Musk purchases Twitter and the entire world of the Leftists, who want to desperately control every facet of your life, goes up in flames. Why? Because Musk just threatened one of their... Continue Reading →

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