Cringeworthy Closer

I can’t think of a more cringeworthy closing argument a prosecuting attorney can make in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. If we learned anything from Mr. Baldwin in recent weeks, you don’t ever point the business end of a gun at a person; especially if you’ve failed to clear the weapon yourself. The second unofficial rule,... Continue Reading →

“Meta” re-branding

Photograph by Steve Parsons/ PA Is there a good reason to re-brand Facebook as "Meta"? Mark Zuckerberg seems to think so. In light of all the accusations of big tech censorship, misinformation enforcing a specific narrative, and allegations of how his platform warps the perception of minors, maybe it's time to sweep things under the... Continue Reading →

The Thirty Tyrants

This is how America dies. Not as a patriot fighting oppression, but rather as the subsidiary of tyrants who are bent on their own right to rule with exclusivity. You are not alone in thinking that the last few years have been insane. Like most, I have seen the obvious red flags in our society.... Continue Reading →

Victory For the Taliban

Let’s face it. The Taliban won. They have successfully turned Afghanistan into the Islamic State it now is. Tribes motivated by religious fanaticism aren’t going to change their colors and their mentality. “Death to America” has not changed in 20 years and it won’t change in 20 more. They wanted to degrade and humiliate our... Continue Reading →

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