Sharkbot Banking Trojan on Google Play

So what does a Trojan do on your phone? Simple- it disguised itself as an antivirus application before it took over your phone and spied on your banking activities and other activities. What’s the software named? It’s an update for the applications “Mr Phone Cleaner” and “Kylhavy Mobile Security”. Not being an android user, I... Continue Reading →

Removing TikTok from Mobile Stores

I haven't written anything in a while on cybersecurity. Trying to get better on posting more often, I promise. There's just so many more political things to talk about. 🙂 So.... TikTok, the ever-popular app that the kids these days can't get enough of. Owned by China, not that most people care right now. Finally... Continue Reading →


Never heard of them? Not surprising. They're an Israeli firm rival to NSO Group and yes, they develop iPhone exploits. You should know about these groups and be informed as a user of technology. From - the rival companies, NSO Group and QuaDream, compromised iPhones at the same time using the same vulnerability in... Continue Reading →

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