DC declaring state of emergency?

348 immigrants and 94 families shipped to DC from Texas and Arizona is a state of emergency? Don’t make me laugh.

Total rookie numbers. They should see what it’s like living in a sanctuary state where the illegals overrun our streets and our Governor does nothing to stop them from flowing in. Overrun and crime-ridden from all the illegal trash crossing the border in record droves.

Biden has done nothing about the border crisis. This is a very small, 1% level of the issue the sanctuary states at the border are facing. Want fewer immigrants bussed to your city? Tell the President to set up federal facilities to hold them. Better yet, place stronger border policies at the border like there were when the Orange man was in charge. I think every illegal should be shipped to DC and Chicago. Let them deal with them since they’re supporting the open border in the south.

I just wish New Mexico’s useless Governor would do the same. But she doesn’t care so long as she’s making money and eating her Wagyu beef.

Axios article

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