ProPublica- Watchdog of the People or Information Terrorists?

Taxpayers who filed a 990-T to report taxable business income as individual retirement account holders have had their data exposed. How? The IRS published it in the clear on their website for months.

This apparent “mistake” was human error. The information was published for months next to public charity records. ProPublica, a known progressive site that somehow obtained more than a year of these tax filings, never told Congress they had access to this clearly confidential information. Maybe they were holding onto the information for profitable gain- something those shiny, new IRS agents should investigate.

Tax records were obviously used to write progressive stories to smear private entities and their donations to non-profits. So, ProPublica, which Democrats were on the list? Don’t you as a news entity and watchdog of the people find it in your best interest to report exposed tax filings (private records) instead of using the information for sensationalized news stories? That’s what real journalists do.

Before Congress funds an agency for 80 billion, they should investigate and uncover mistakes like this. I would like ProPublica to publish the whole list. Or maybe it’s illegal except in their smear campaigns.

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