Power of Choice- The Power of the Vote

Just imagine it’s like the song- you’ve got the whole world in your hands. You see yourself as the savior of the masses. Or maybe you just enjoy the unlimited emergency powers that you have been given. You may as well be God’s right hand.

Then comes the day that the people are sick of your control. They oust you and your cohorts with a simple decision- their vote. Now you’re just like everyone else.

You wake up from this horrible nightmare, still safe in your opulent surroundings that those poor bastards living beneath you can only dream of and you realize- you’ve got to do something while you still can. Those lowly people need to be carefully controlled so you can keep your lifestyle that you’re living.

So you get with your buddies, some you don’t even agree with, and you make a pact. You will do anything to keep your standard of living, so you use your power. You stop telling the truth and craft a lie that will keep those who are beneath your notice under your control. And you craft it by telling them it’s for their own good- they will prosper more and keep more of the beans they scramble around for every day.

Or you can really stick it to them by telling them it’s for the sake of their health. They need to stay indoors and out of the way. Reduce your freedom for the sake of others’ health. Surely they care about the elderly and weak. Wear a mask, it’s scientifically unsound but it’s better than nothing. After all what’s a little compromise in exchange for your life?

No, there aren’t any shortages. That’s your imagination. No, I actually won that contest without cheating. Everything I did to get where I am was for the benefit of the little guy; you have to make everyone equal in this inequitable world.

The truth is, your choice is able to keep the powerful in charge of what you can do. They aren’t doing things and sending messages out as they are to protect your right to be who you are. They do what they do because your choices create change that they might not like.

What would happen if instead of voting the party line, you voted in your own best interest? What if We The People voted for what was best for us and used our votes as the weapons that they are? The worst thing you can do is abstain from voting at all. Silence is deadly.

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