The Mile-high Abortion Club

There will always be misguided souls out there to help people carry out their most nefarious deeds in life. Rest assured if you want an abortion there are plenty of people who will help you keep it convenient.

Many studies, heavily influenced by Leftist agendas will tell you that most abortions aren’t out of convenience. Planned Parenthood on their site state that 3% of their services are abortion services, but this still doesn’t give us a truthful number. Why is that? Because each visit made by a patient counts as one instance of services provided. Abortion might not be the first visit, but it’s certainly one of them. This doesn’t include counseling and advisement of their patients. Also, though they state they offered 354,871 abortion services in 2021, they offered merely 2,667 adoption referrals. There’s a gross difference in the numbers from anyone’s perspective. Anyone want to know why?

Planned Parenthood continues to be a progressive voice, boosting the Defund the Police movement and giving voice to abortion far more than adoption as a viable outcome. This might not make much of a difference to the reader, but for those who are right to life, 352,204 lives were snuffed out in 2021 alone. Lives that might otherwise have flourished had adoption been given equal airtime to abortion options.

Their patients are another testimony to their privileged, progressive, death-driven statistics. According to their statistics brochure for 2021, one patient stated, “I would have not been able to live out my young adult life the way that I wanted without Planned Parenthood’s services.” Focus is on the “I” with no mention of the life that was ignored and cut short in the womb.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood places too much emphasis on the life you deserve to have as a young woman regardless of any “mistakes” you have made. It doesn’t teach young women the value of standing up for the life you created, nor does it emphasize what it means to put the life of another before your own. Maybe these women aren’t ready to be parents. Maybe they’re too immature. But the truth remains that abortion at any stage is murder. If that were not true, then the murder of a pregnant woman wouldn’t be considered a double homicide.

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