Democrat Outrage Misplaced

What’s brilliant about the Supreme Court decision- the red states can’t dictate what the blue states do about abortion any more. Those in blue states complaining about reversing R v W lack critical thinking skills. Don’t forget that’s what a republic is- rule by the people, of the people, and for the people. It’s not Federal decisions for everyone, which only works when the feds make decisions YOU approve of. This is in its entirety what makes the United States the greatest country in the world. If you disagree based solely off the belief that not everything caters to everything you want, then I’m sorry… for you and your entitled mind set.

Wanda Sykes, a liberal comedian who thinks her opinion matters, said in an interview that people in New York and California should stop buying from red states and supporting them… I hate to tell you this, but by and large those are the states that are producing the things you see in the grocery stores. So sure, go ahead and cut those middle states off and let’s see how long the blue states make it with no food in the stores from red states.

We have played this scenario to its end. The Supreme Court in their best judicial wisdom have made abortion completely up to the people to decide by state what to do. This is how our republic works so that the different opinions over these charged social issues are handled best for the majority of people in each state. Red states can’t tell blue states what to do and blue states have no control over what red states do.

These differing opinions on social issues mean that not one rule works for everyone. It also means you lose out by not being involved more in your own state legislation.

Secondly, Democrats should remember that their party had the chance to codify R v W for many, many years. You have your own party to blame. You should be asking yourself why your party panders to the trigger phrases and yet does nothing once elected.

This whole MAGA movement in The Conservative party? It stems from conservatives who are sick of the party line. They are sick of representatives that won’t do what they campaign for. Demand different, but demand wisdom and accountability of what’s best for you at home. A last hint if I may- the extreme liberal squad is as welcome to most Democrats as extreme MAGA-ism is to most Republicans. For this Republic to continue to work, everyone needs to step back and find a way to nominate and elect representatives that will follow through on their promises and work for what their constituents want.

We deserve more than these fat cats in power that cater to the big interests and can’t work together until it’s time to vote for their own salary raises.

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