Roe V Wade Overturned

A significant day as the Supreme Court overturns the law that allows people to murder babies before they are born. For sure, this is a controversial topic. Now there are rumors of walk outs and people throwing fits in the street. Of course, that was to be expected.

The truth? Roe V Wade only sends the laws for abortion back to the state level, which should satisfy most people. It’s not like you’re being told you can’t get an abortion, you just have to ensure you are in a state that allows it. For one, I am glad that we are seeing a step in the right direction to save as many innocents as possible. Your body stops being your choice when you conceive of another life. Period. There is no “you”. There is only the mother AND a baby. You can’t have abortion be legal and treat the baby as an unliving thing, then turn around a charge a murderer with double homicide for killing a woman and her unborn baby. It’s duplicitous.

But that’s what the Democratic party is all about these days. “Rules for thee, but not for me.” They want to make it all about giving in to emotions instead of promoting emotional intelligence. Humanity’s intellect has gotten us far, but as long as we cater to Wokeness, our intellect will carry us no further.

*image above- Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

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