Here’s the Answer on How the SCOTUS Leak Might Affect the Midterms – RedState

Is it going to fire up the left? You might be surprised at the answer…
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Initial polling by CNN showed that abortion isn’t the top concern of midterm election voters. The far more pressing issues of economic security and the inflation affecting everyone are front and center still.

I’ve read some really random Democrat tweets about how women’s right to vote is next. The rabid idiots with no brains are falling for it. Some of these allegations show how desperate the Democrats are. They have nothing to say against the main concern of inflation, so now they drum up weak arguments to rally their radical base.

The truth is, everyone is hurting. Nobody can turn a blind eye to the matters of economics. Middle class is hurting but more importantly, the lower class is suffering even more.

The Democrats earn votes with false promises of prosperity in return for no work. Here’s the problem- for them to stay in power, you have to stay poor. They have no intention to create real change that will allow people to prosper!

The promise for the poor to be given prosperity is why they abolish border security. They are confident that you are stupid enough to stay poor and reliant on empty promises and empty causes. They believe you are dumb enough to not vote core things that matter so long as they give you money and promises of greater prosperity. All the while, their promises fall flat and the economy will continue to worsen.

Uncle Sam isn’t coming to save you. He never was. He only gives out opportunity for you to make it on your own efforts. It’s time for people to get off the bench and start doing for themselves again. It takes a while, but prosperity is earned and not given.

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