Opinion: How real is the chance of criminally prosecuting Donald Trump? – CNN

Elie Honig writes that as a special grand jury convenes to consider potential criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, prosecutors will need to overcome a series of legal and practical obstacles before Trump faces meaningful consequences.
— Read on www.cnn.com/2022/05/02/opinions/georgia-grand-jury-trump-legal-challenges-honig/index.html

Here’s the thing- the entire premise of this lawsuit hinges on interpretation of what was said and the surrounding context to tell us the intent of the statement, not just the statement itself.

Yet again we see journalists who are willing to focus on a single sentence out of context to try and convict someone they don’t like. Personally? I’d have sued for defamation a very long time ago and sought damages. Certainly after going through the ringer, and if charges continue to be proven false, I’d make a hard case for defamation.

Journalism, especially the red journalists, should be held accountable to the facts and only the facts. We have yet to see a single conviction. Why? Because the arguments aren’t fact based and when the context is revealed there is simply nothing there.

But go ahead and keep slandering an ex-President… I’m sure in the end it will go well. Throw enough spaghetti at the wall and something will stick. Until then, out of context is the only offense.

People have asked me personally if I think Trump should run for office again. I think it would be a mistake to put such a polarizing character front and center a second time regardless of how well I think he did on many things while in office.

The truth about Trump is that he changed the Republican Party and fractured it in some ways. Nobody wants to see the RINOS any more than many hard core liberals really want to see the disastrous, polarizing Squad and the far Leftists. Let there be a middle ground. Goodness knows, if we are ever to come together, that’s where it must be. Stop the madness.

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