Five days that changed the war in Ukraine – CNNPolitics

This was the week when the war in Ukraine truly transitioned from one nation’s bloody fight for liberation against Russia’s vicious onslaught to a potentially years-long great power struggle.
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Proxy war is the new thing. It’s hard to decide which is worse. I thought Americans were loathe to be involved in the proxy war against Russia. It seems the Democrats want you to be ok with it.

This is going to prolong shortages and have side effects that I don’t think many are accounting for. We shorted ourselves by not opening energy options for the oil and natural gas we are paying Russia for. We did it again by not bolstering our farmlands. We’ve allowed Bill Gates to go around buying land out with his wealth to further his Soylent green initiative.

As noble as the cause seems, we need to be seriously counting the cost to the average American who is already struggling to keep up. Inflation is guaranteed now to continue. Cost of gas will continue to skyrocket. Better start preparing to make do with less and to pay more for what you’ve decided to need.

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