Apple employees claim it’s RACIST to force them to return to a physical office | The Post Millennial

Over 200 employees at Apple Inc. have signed and published an open letter to the technology giant’s executive team on Friday, arguing that a return to in-person work isn’t in the best interest of the company because it’s racist.
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Here’s the thing– it’s not racist. You are accountable for your work. You agreed to work somewhere under their terms. If you don’t like it, quit and see who else will hire you!

I’m so glad every day that my parents taught me the value of earning my place in the world. I don’t take employers for granted. Managers aren’t automatically trying to keep me down by setting expectations for my work.

Anyone who believes reporting to the office is racist was handed participation trophies and was given unjustified value for “being special”. The truth is, they can’t stand the thought that they have to work for money to afford living. They feel they should be given enough to live without ever improving themselves or offering more to their company to increase the value they provide.

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