The Disinformation Governance Board

Violation of your 1st Amendment right to free speech is in full effect with the activation of this new Biden/ Harris initiative. Elon Musk purchases Twitter and the entire world of the Leftists, who want to desperately control every facet of your life, goes up in flames. Why? Because Musk just threatened one of their strongholds over the narrative.

The Liberal Left doesn’t want you to hear opposing views. No matter how strident and maybe annoying the voice, opposing views have a place in our world-view. For a while now, many neutral and left-center friends have told me it’s my duty to listen to the opposite side as well. Now, they’ve had their opportunity to present their side while effectively silencing my side of the fence.

I’d wager that there’s more than a few individuals who oppose the current, dominant voice of the Left. In times past, those voices have stood in opposition to my own. Guess what? That’s ok. Democracy at its foundation is centered upon free exchange of ideas and opinions, no matter how heated those exchanges get. I wouldn’t presume to ask for liberal voices to be silenced completely.

Therein lies the difference. Today, there’s a new Ministry of Truth. You know, because we are all incapable of discerning the truth they want us to believe. The Leftists are scared of what we will know and what will be uncovered. This should scare you. This concerns you. Whether it’s a Left government or a Right government or something in between, you deserve to believe what you believe.

You’ve already had freedom of religion taken away in many cases. At least you aren’t allowed to be too outwardly proud of being Christian, Muslim, or anything else. You’ve already had your right to speak freely removed if you aren’t towing the narrative. You’ve been canceled for the same reason. And now? Your ability to think and decide for yourself is in jeopardy. Be ready— dystopia is here.

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