Freedom for Twitter 4/25/2022

This is a day to not forget. The Board of Directors for Twitter had no choice but to sell to Elon Musk under the threat of being sued for not acting in the shareholder’s best interest. Checkmate move against an intolerable house of censorship, lies, and deceit by the Leftist idiots who think they are allowed to run over everyone else.

I hope that conservative accounts are unsuspended. I hope for the return of DJT in all his glory and for freedom for the Babylon Bee. I also hope that the censor bots do become open source. It’ll be great to see how those run and create better bots that will delete the Left maybe for a while and see how they like it?

Though it’s far from a completely done deal, I hope Twitter becomes what it was always meant to be. I hope that they uncover the truth behind the 2019 elections and how Twitter and other platforms were maliciously used to sway the outcome away from the majority of Americans. Freedom of speech is important, so deep down I know that censorship of the Leftist Libtards will never occur. But being allowed to call them out and put them down in the public square will be glorious and there will be many tears when they have to try and stand up for their bizarre, abnormal beliefs. I plan on stating my true thoughts and feelings on Twitter and may yet abandon Facebook til a better day comes for that platform as well.

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