Burning Down the House

The proverbial house is burning down to the ground. The Democratic Party house, at least. Finally, FINALLY, it seems people have had enough of the woke attitudes and the evisceration of their personal freedoms. They took away our right to free speech via censoring, going so far as to completely shut down an entire platform of speech because it sided with conservatives.

Vaccine mandates were struck down by the Supreme Court. Why? Because the mandates are unconstitutional. They always were. I just wish that they had struck it down before it hit Federal employees. Who knows what’s in the cure? Nobody. And nobody has studied the long-term effects mostly because it hasn’t been out long enough for any degree of study. It comes to light that the effect on women’s reproductive health was not even considered! That should worry women of child-bearing age. Despite the news being suppressed everywhere (see above), other news outlets have reported adverse effects in women.

Mask mandates are being removed without even a mention of the “science” other than “cases are going down”. Well, newsflash, cases have been going down for some time and the subsequent strains of Covid 19 have proven themselves to be far less deadly. But they stole your freedom for 2 years+ in the name of “slowing the spread for 14 days”.

Illegal immigrants are crossing our border by the thousands every day and crime rates are rising to historical highs around the nation. It has been uncovered that undocumented illegal aliens have been flown on privately chartered planes in the latest hours of the night to cities near you! These aren’t political or war refugees, these are hardened criminals and undocumented (and un-vaccinated for you who are still scared) people being brought into states and released without so much as a single document or name being taken down. And the Democrats deny it to the cameras.

Defund the police- Just today its biggest proponent, Nancy Pelosi, stated “defund the police is dead”. What happened to the kneeling in solidarity of BLM with your very African-appearing stoles in the hallowed halls of our Congress?

Critical Race Theory- San Francisco voters voted to oust 3 of the most radical school board members. Critical Race Theory is not popular amongst even the most Democrat-infested cities in some cases. It’s radical teaching that states you are either a born oppressor, or you are born oppressed. Ask anyone who’s made it for themselves. We weren’t oppressed until the Democrats said we were.

And rather than help you get off drugs, the government wants crack pipes to be widely distributed. Rather than treat the problem, just feed the addiction.

And now we come to the Durham probe. Interesting facts coming to light that are being suppressed as well. While Killary tries to write it off as “Look at Vanity Fair, they say I didn’t do it” the billing statement says quite the opposite.

I’m enjoying watching the house of cards fall and burn to the ground. Now if we could only put those radical Democrat nitwits back in whatever crack we fished them out of…

Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandates
The Durham Probe scares mainstream media
Political cartoon courtesy of AF Branco

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