Diminishing Freedom

Why should anyone care about Watergate 2.0? It’s old news according to, well, everyone.

Back in 2016-something, the Clinton campaign hired a tech firm to infiltrate Trump Tower servers and later the White House servers to dig up the Russian Collusion story. Not a big deal in the day of technology warfare. And though it should be more difficult, it isn’t.

Why should anyone care, though?

To start with, infiltrating servers without a warrant is a black hat activity. That’s right, it’s activity that is traditionally linked to what the cyber community identifies as “bad actors”.

One of the best litmus tests of time: if your activity you are engaging in was levied against you, would you have a problem with it? Does anyone remember or think about the Hillary email scandal? You know, the one where she deleted Good knows how many emails from her personal server that should have never been on her personal email to begin with? The DoD has a direct policy about the use of personal email for DoD related work- DON’T DO IT. That includes business email accounts that aren’t government issued. Nobody hears a word about that anymore.

Getting back to Watergate 2.0- the investigation by Durham continues. And more interesting information is coming to light.

Twitter-verse is surprised.

Watergate 2.0 is significant because it should be made to set precedence for bad behavior on behalf of any party, no matter what. Spying on the competition via electronic means to dig up dirt (which doesn’t exist, might I add) in hopes of destroying someone’s reputation and the reputation of their family? Well, it goes back to that litmus test. These days, bad actors are willing to do anything from SWATTING (yes that’s a thing!) to infiltration to straight up cyber attacks to get what they want. Our public servants must be called to account to be above that. Politicians have always been dirty, but taking it to the newest and latest and greatest bad example should be discouraged on all sides.

Your freedom via a right to privacy is diminishing. You should watch carefully because if it can happen at the highest levels of our society and people can get away from it because they belong to a political side, who is to say that you won’t be next?

Townhall.com article for reference.
Article picture: Source: Democratic National Convention via AP

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