Winning for Women

The picture lead in says it all. And those who think Kamala Harris is a win for women are the same people who would oppress women by never seeing them come into their own.

What constitutes “winning for women” then? Of course I agree with the short tweet. Merits and experience elevated to office or promoted would be considered winning for women.

Recently we saw Virginia vote for and welcome in a new governor, Governor Glenn Youngkin. Who stood up that day as well? The new Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears. Born in 1964 in Jamaica, she became a naturalized citizen at 6 years of age as her family immigrated to the United States.

A couple of her achievements:
* served in the US Marine Corps from 1983-1986
* before running for public office, she ran a homeless shelter
* has served on the Board of Education
* ran for and won the 90th district seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates AND was the first female Republican, first female veteran, and first naturalized citizen delegate to hold a seat in the House of Delegates.

Nobody should be elected to office on the basis of their skin color or upbringing. Instead, a win for women and women of color is based on merits and experience. I would celebrate Winsome Sears as a “win for women”.

Winsome Sears, Lieutenant Governor for the State of Virginia, 2022

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