“Meta” re-branding

Photograph by Steve Parsons/ PA

Is there a good reason to re-brand Facebook as “Meta”? Mark Zuckerberg seems to think so. In light of all the accusations of big tech censorship, misinformation enforcing a specific narrative, and allegations of how his platform warps the perception of minors, maybe it’s time to sweep things under the rug and re-invent the wheel. Forget the fact that Facebook sold your privacy to other companies via countless ads and through specific targeting algorithms. Forget the fact that Facebook deliberately silenced the conservative voice during a Presidential election year. No, none of that matters at all. Just like the rest of the libtards, let’s just forget that happened and move on and leave the refuse of the non-conformists behind.

“Meta”, or “metaverse”, sounds like a bad joke, stealing a concept of a virtual world of personas filling in for real people directly from the Atlus “Persona” video game series. Setting up virtual housing to invite your virtual friends to hang out and virtual offices to hold virtual meetings to discuss virtual projects feels like a bad Hollywood rip-off plot.

Forget the fact that people have already mostly forgotten how to interact in a short couple of years due to the “pandemic”, let’s create a virtual world in the Matrix and make billions more off the destruction of what makes humanity, well, humanity. Let’s face it; Zuckerberg looks like he doesn’t know how to interact with real people and it’s probable that his wife is only in it for the money.

Facebook, the wasteland of digital humanity, has changed its branding. Those who are still languishing in groups of “friends” and who are there to post memes for their “friends” have forgotten what friends actually are. Friends are present in your life and don’t just exist on a computer screen no matter what Facebook tries to tell you. But remember this when the time comes to open up your virtual home to your virtual friends so they can see your virtual wealth on display: Facebook used to be just an app to rate hot college girls.

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