The Thirty Tyrants

This is how America dies. Not as a patriot fighting oppression, but rather as the subsidiary of tyrants who are bent on their own right to rule with exclusivity. You are not alone in thinking that the last few years have been insane. Like most, I have seen the obvious red flags in our society. The chaos we saw in the last election and the insanity we’ve seen in the withdrawal from Afghanistan in recent weeks should smell a little off to you; because they are. The modern era chaos that we are seeing is nothing new; it has happened before. The linked article is long, but very informative and intellectual. Where I spend most of my time blogging opinion, this states the facts and the political charades better than I ever could. My time is spent in a different field of study altogether.

The United States of America is eroding from within and what is rising in its place is disturbing. An elite class that values profit far more than individual rights. In this world where social acceptance is the norm, can you really be certain that the voice you speak with is untainted by the oligarchy? They wish nothing more than to continue to raise their personal profit at the cost of the freedom of everyone else. They may promise that the super-rich will pay their fair share, but… will they really?

American politics and in particular campaigns for those we put in leadership will always be paved with appealing promises to the very people they seek to dominate. Don’t believe me? Watch what happens next. The super-rich who will pay their fair share will not include individuals like Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos. America’s proud tradition of innovation is no longer unique. Corporate espionage runs rampant at the center of intellectual and scientific innovation, sold to “competing countries”.

You say you can handle the truth? Do you actually want to know? Read the linked article below and you will understand why freedom will always belong to the revolutionaries. Conservative and Liberal have almost no meaning in the modern age. But they will continue to play the role, shouting from the rooftops and setting Americans against each other. They want to continue growing more wealthy and they’re willing to trade your prosperity for their own.

“The new American oligarchy believes that democracy’s failures are proof of their own exclusive right to power.”

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