Victory For the Taliban

Let’s face it. The Taliban won. They have successfully turned Afghanistan into the Islamic State it now is. Tribes motivated by religious fanaticism aren’t going to change their colors and their mentality. “Death to America” has not changed in 20 years and it won’t change in 20 more. They wanted to degrade and humiliate our way of life and they have done it finally.

So who’s really to blame? Bush started this war in retribution for 9/11. It continued forward for 20 years and during this time, many people got rich. We needed out of this war a long time ago. I think Trump was right to begin negotiations to get out. Some will say siding with the Taliban, but it was more of a war lost and working on negotiations to leave without having a complete and total disaster.

Weeks ago, the Biden Administration began this disaster of a withdrawal. They pulled out troops before they pulled out citizens and the Afghan people who sided with freedom and our cause. The Taliban advanced and took advantage of this weak, fumbling leader of the free world to re-take all of what they had before 9/11 and then some— we also lost military equipment and military secrets.

Still, there is no plan for evacuating American citizens, Afghan troops, or for retrieving the equipment meant for the Afghan government we tried to instill. Everything from Blackhawk helicopters to American weapons. Congratulations, we have successfully trained and armed our enemy. And as they swept through the country, they released thousands of terrorist prisoners who swelled their ranks and went their ways to go back to exactly what they were doing before they were imprisoned.

So who is watching our backs? A few days ago, we were in talks to have the Taliban hold the airport perimeter and we gave them the names of US Citizens to the Taliban to let them through their barriers. Biden called the Taliban today to confirm that so we could make their job easier. Which job? The job of guarding the airport or the job of finding hostages? Again, “Death to America” hasn’t changed, regardless of the fact that the Taliban now have a Press representative. If anything the Taliban have learned how to mock a civilized group while they are probably anything but that.

Now, 13 American service members are dead because of a suicide bomber and we nod in approval as the Taliban say they are going to get retribution? It’s hard to tell what country we even live in any more. And why is the sudden priority to get all of these refugees into the States? Un-vetted and wandering free in our country whether they are terrorists or refugees.

People must be held accountable, firstly our leaders. Though many have been part of this problem, there is one group in charge NOW. One group making decisions NOW. When it’s time to go to the midterms, remember the 13 who died today. And remember the 90 total that were murdered by the Islamic Terrorist State, which includes our newfound “allies”. Why did Biden call them our “allies” and then state suddenly today that they are not allies?

This is not the worst- this is only the beginning of the worst. And there will be more to come in the days ahead.

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