Silent Running

Picture featured was taken by Omar Haidari via Reuters~

Perhaps the most disturbing news is that between 11,000 and 40,000 Americans are stranded in Afghanistan with no guarantees of a way out. Depending upon who you listen to, there is no threat to Americans who identify themselves at the Taliban checkpoints on the way to the airport. President Biden says that there is an agreement and that he is in touch constantly with the Taliban regarding getting Americans out of Afghanistan safely via the one airport that is being held by American/ Allied forces.

Biden states, of course, that the Taliban have been strongly warned not to harm Americans. But at the same time, he does not offer troops to guarantee safe passage to these citizens to ensure they make it out. If the streets are so safe, why are the British and other allies sending in troops to evacuate their citizens?

Such disturbing times we live in. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, surely you are owed answers for the fiasco that is unfolding on the other side of the world. This has been a poor excuse for a plan to get out of Afghanistan and regardless of how impassive one wants to be, there are inescapable, unavoidable facts that have to be addressed.

$2,000 for Rescue??? You have got to be kidding! Getting Americans out of Afghanistan in an increasingly dangerous environment should be priority one, not an opportunity to charge people. Look at the article by the Western Journal and take a peek at the screenshot of the State Department’s page.

Speaking of which, don’t bother calling for help. Instead, go to a web page and fill out a form with every member of your household that you would like to evacuate. Last I checked, that requires a working cell phone or working internet. If you’re hiding out with your family, which many have been told is their best chance, you aren’t going to be on the internet filling out forms. I can’t imagine what the families of those trapped souls overseas must be feeling tonight.

President Biden is absolutely demented if he thinks for a second that the Taliban have magnanimously promised not to hurt anyone trying to escape Afghanistan. Instead, the Taliban are going door to door and using checkpoints all around the one airport to identify and capture people of interest. Afghani allies? Americans? Who really knows?

This situation, contrary to our President’s confident beliefs, is spiraling further out of control. And however many die or are never heard from again? Well their blood is one someone’s hands and I think it’s fair to place the blame for this withdrawal squarely in one place, our inept leadership.

Here’s another issue:

The Taliban now have millions or billions of US military equipment and arms from guns to Blackhawk helicopters, all containing top secret, classified intelligence. And again our President can’t be bothered to address that issue either beyond stating that they did the best for national security. Meanwhile, the world is less safe and the Taliban are now several times stronger armed with the weapons of the enemy.

And what about Afghani digital influencers? I have a few people I like to follow on Twitch and YouTube as they enjoy video games or talk about different hobbies that we have in common. My Twitter feed is filled with fellow cyber security specialists. Many of those influencers, who grew up in an Afghanistan that was freed of Taliban rule, are now scrambling to erase their digital lives for fear of what the future holds for them.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the future is uncertain. Now, it is more dangerous as well. I hope nobody believes that the Taliban have abandoned their “Death to America” mantra. Far from it. They will have their way with the infidels if our President lets them. They waited 20 years in the dark. They will have less trouble finding their way now. A President who earlier stated that the Al-Qaeda are dead and was later countered by his own staff members has no business being in office.

Take the children and yourself

And hide out in the cellar

By now the fighting will be close at hand

Don’t believe the church and state

And everything they tell you

Believe in me, I’m with the high command

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

There’s a gun and ammunition

Just inside the doorway

Use it only in emergency

Better you should pray to God

The Father and the Spirit

Will guide you and protect from up here

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

“Silent Running”- Mike and the Mechanics

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