Yeah, so about that vaccine…

There’s a lot of leading information out there about the vaccination and even more propaganda about how unvaccinated people are the leading cause of the rise in Delta variant. Perhaps we should discuss what the vaccine actually does or doesn’t do for those who are sitting in the cheap seats and either don’t have time or don’t want to take the effort.

Because I got the Moderna vaccine (both rounds), here is the fact sheet from the FDA for it. Note three key lines in the FIRST paragraph.

  • The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is a vaccine and may prevent you from getting COVID-19.
  • There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.
  • The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine may not protect everyone.

These vaccines are still not FDA approved. Pfizer, while they have submitted their vaccine for FDA approval, is only on an approval acceleration plan. Though President Biden is confident it will be approved by Fall, the FDA has not committed to the same time frame. I am hoping they don’t cut corners and instead only approve a bonafide vaccine. See Time’s article.

The disclaimers for all the vaccines state that their vaccine MAY prevent you from getting Covid-19. I know personally of someone who is fully vaccinated and brought Covid-19 back from vacation which required quarantine for the duration of the illness. The truth is the vaccines are not failsafes against getting Covid-19. I hope for personal reasons that the vaccine does at least inoculate against the worst symptoms thereby preventing hospitalization.

What does this all mean? Twitterverse, being as full of twits as it is (and otherwise probably smart ones), still is under the impression that vaccination is a protection against getting Covid-19. People are still proudly touting the tired old line of “everyone needs to get it to protect others”. Can you justifiably say that choosing not to get the vaccine is inherently selfish and that those who refuse to be vaccinated to date don’t care if they kill others?

People with both rounds of vaccines are still catching Covid-19! I guess they didn’t care about the welfare of others either, did they, since they still were carrying the virus around before they got sick and were tested and received results? The beauty of this is that un-vaccinated individuals can still follow the same procedure and self-isolate if they get sick.

We should all stop pretending that the vaccine is the cure-all. Stop pretending that if we reach 100% vaccination that Covid is guaranteed to go away. Maybe it will? But why is nobody talking about the rate of infection among the vaccinated? The CDC is working to identify breakthrough cases and to isolate any common factors among them. This is where I think the vaccine is useful- even if you catch Covid-19, you have some measure of protection against severe illness and death. And as of August, the CDC still maintains that those who are fully vaccinated may resume their normal activities. Which means- going back into lockdown or requiring additional measures for those who are vaccinated is a waste of time.

The conclusion is the same for me. Covid-19 is here to stay. Vaccination may protect you from getting it and if you get it then the vaccine may prevent the worst symptoms of the illness. Vaccinated people can still spread Covid-19 to others and be asymptomatic (see the last article). So please, if we are going to follow the science like we say that we are, let’s all agree the vaccine at its lowest common denominator has the chance to save the individual from serious illness or hospitalization. There’s no telling how effective it is in preventing others from catching it or how effective it is in preventing you from catching it at all. The CDC doesn’t have enough data for any conclusive findings yet.

Be safe, take whatever precautions you need to for yourself. Vaccination should always be a choice based off your logical study on the subject. Either way, be well.

PS- I’m going to make an uneducated and unsupported argument. If viruses are living things and living things mutate to adapt to life-threatening conditions, is it slightly possible that the high rate of vaccination is causing the variants? And how is it mutating so fast? Delta isn’t the only variant, which is another flag that the virus just might be lab-based and not Ozzie-biting-heads-off-bats-in-the-wet-market-based. Just something to think about. If a living creature has no threat to its existence it has no reason to mutate or adapt. Just ask my cats- they lay around all day without a care in the world and haven’t changed their existence in response to immediate, life-ending threat. Ok, ok that’s a bad analogy.

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