Show Me Your Papers!

It seems kind of backwards doesn’t it? We went really fast from the stage of Republicans are Nazis to “show me your vaccination status” in a hurry. Some will argue that we are in the middle of a pandemic still, which we are. But I could have sworn that pandemics generally speaking have higher fatality rates.

Before you go crazy, I am one of the vaccinated. I think it’s a good thing to do if your circumstances dictate extra caution than what the immune system itself normally provides. Good on you if you have made the decision.

But what about those who have not? Well, number one, it’s their decision. Remember the “my body; my choice” campaign? If we use that argument to allow one medical decision, then it has to be applied equally for all medical decisions otherwise we are again treading a dangerously thin line between freedom of choice and government mandate. Should people be getting vaccinated? Yes. Should government and does government have the right to mandate / force people to get vaccinated? No.

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