CDC Director- schools can safely reopen without teachers getting vaccinated.

It looks like the media is at least trying to get back to some semblance of rational news now that the political frenzy has for the most part ended in their eyes. FACT: schools can safely reopen.

CNBC article

This leads us to an interesting question- what has changed in the last 365 days? It really has been almost a year that we’ve been locked down, many of us with our kids at home. Some have had to quit jobs to take care of their kids and ensure they are getting the virtual online education. Is Covid-19 gone? Or was it ever really more than a political threat, staged along with so many other things to create a certain result? If you have an open mind, you’ve seen the evidence from Mike Lindell- if not you can find it on this blog. You’ve seen the evidence from Sidney Powell’s report; it’s also located here in the conservatory.

What has changed? The president and the ruling party of the United States has changed. Whether or not you believe the election was stolen or not, that is truly the only thing that has changed. That and the vaccines have arrived. Who’s credited for those, by the way?

The vaccines arrived in record time. Most believed it would take years for an effective, safe vaccine to be brought to the people. But it didn’t. Some theorists claim it arrived too soon. Too soon for what? Now, the totalitarianism of the Democrats has to be put in check in light of a vaccine that the entirety of the nation believes will be the thing that saves us from this virus. As guessed, some like the Governor of New Mexico are reluctant to surrender their emergency powers. Why, surrendering those powers early interrupts the plan for them. Why aren’t they happy that the vaccine has arrived? And why do they hang onto their emergency powers like the vaccine changes nothing? Perhaps the answer they don’t want you to arrive at is that the virus was always a political play. Never let a good tragedy go to waste. That is their motto. You can take that to the bank, just not Bank of America apparently.

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