CNN continues its lopsided bashing of conservatives, MTG is on the menu today- tomorrow it’ll be you?

Are we really sure about that? I mean, Democrats I realize are holier than thou and above the board when it comes to their causes. What about Maxine Waters, who basically cheered on the destruction and violent rioting BLM all summer long, dismissing their criminal activities as “mostly peaceful”. Our own VP as a Senator set up funding to get these violent protestors out of prison.

And what about Eric “The Spy who Shagged Me” Swalwell? Did they forget he slept with a Chinese Spy and that he yet remains on the House Intelligence Committee? Wow, it must be nice to only see Republicans as the problem and suppress them easily while allowing your own to sleep with the enemy and divulge state secrets for a good lay, right Eric Swalwell? And it’s convenient to boost violent leftist Antifa/ BLM (let’s be honest, they were ALWAYS the same in their Marxist beliefs) when they suit your needs. Too bad Maxine Waters couldn’t get them a seat at the table. The Democrats discarded them like the puppets they were once they won their prize. As much as I loathe what BLM stands for, they have every right to be upset and to continue rioting. It’s kind of funny to see at this point. Now the news media is letting them fade into obsolescence like the spent toy that they are. They will be granted no more voice, no more attention.

Want to know how to unify a nation? The Democrats believe unity comes through cancellation, censorship, and deletion of opposing voices. This Shadow Conservatory will always stand for those who believe in the right to free speech. article

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