Bank of America violates privacy laws

Tucker Carlson’s report

So after the attack on the Capitol, the FBI went out of its way to ask B of A to search their thousands of customer private transactions for purchases that match a specific profile of those who might have gone to the Capitol or stayed in the area, including transactions and purchases made in the area. They also scanned their customer transactions for weapon or weapon-related purchases and reported those to the FBI.

Shortly after, their 221 results that they turned over were questioned by the FBI for terrorism activity. That’s right. The bank turned in customers based off a wide-reaching set of criteria, none of which were specific but might point toward being a domestic terrorist. This should concern anyone and everyone regardless of political affiliation. These are some strange times we are living in.

There are a large number of privacy concerns here. Aren’t your personal transactions considered private data? Where does this end? Did the bank have any recourse to deny the FBI investigation? Maybe it’s time to consider your transactions, too. If you buy a ticket to our nation’s capital, you might be a terrorist.

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