The GEMS of Dominion Voting Systems

What is GEMS? Well according to the Sidney Powell report, GEMS is a key piece of Dominion Voting Systems. Simply put, it’s the software that makes the magic work. You remember this image from prior entries right?

Blown up picture of a page in the Powell Report… notice the glitches going back to the 2000 Florida Election.
Here is the link between Dominion and GEMS software to illustrate further connections and where each system was used. Perhaps it should be noted where each system was prevalent. They have a very large coincidence in that they were used in many swing states and voting districts. Someone should also ask Romney about those election system investments…

Now let’s compare the map above with the election results:

Electoral college map 2020

***WEIRD ISN’T IT????!!!***

No really, it is almost eerie. There are a couple of anomalies in the south, such as Mississippi and Louisiana that remained red regardless of using Dominion and GEMS. But look closer at the states that were battleground states. States that had problems with voting glitches and remember- this happened in 2000 in the state of Florida.

So now let’s talk about Fraction Magic. What if votes, rather than being tabulated as whole votes, include a hidden decimal? Well, the software that is running our election system divides whole votes into fractions. How is that possible / legal? Is your vote 1.31? Or maybe it’s .69? If you cap any candidate votes at any % (example: I want you to only win 47% of the votes to avoid suspicion), it turns whole votes into fractions to compensate. What does this do to an entire nation of voting? The power of the fraction is that it can determine the outcome, reliably, of every office and every candidate up and down the ballot through the power of fractional voting to attempt to mask what is really going on. Now imagine how many votes Trump actually had to warrant feeding additional votes into the machines! It’s the fraction magic and the high amount of Trump voter turn out vs Biden voter turn out that probably caused the high amount of adjudicated ballots in the swing states that were discussed earlier in the Sidney Powell report.

Now, our electoral map shows a whole number right? Watch this video. It’s long, but watch it as many times as needed to watch votes get counted as money, not as people.

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