Antrim County, MI Dominion Voting Systems finding part 3

Pages 5 and 6- read it for yourself.

21. The large error rate means that a lot of ballots were adjudicated by election personnel. The files and adjudication logs are missing so there is no track of who adjudicated them or how many were adjudicated. Give the high error rate from the previous entry of ~81%, we can only assume that same amount of ballots were adjudicated with no tracing or oversight. That doesn’t sound fraudulent at all. Some people had a nice time after they sent the overwatch home, adjudicating and fixing ballots- in all likelihood to create the outcome we saw in Michigan. False adjudication with not even a trace of logging is itself justification to claim election fraud. But remember, orange bad man and his people are going to try and execute their terrorist plans. Don’t forget, the legitimate questions that are being asked must be silenced if we are going to get away with this fraud. They are counting on us to forget and move on in fear of being silenced, imprisoned, and worse.

22. “Research is ongoing. However, based on the preliminary results, we conclude that the errors are so significant that they call into question the integrity and legitimacy of the results in the Antrim County 2020 election to the point that the results are not certifiable.” Again, they want us to forget and they have so vehemently squashed any speech that there might have been election malfeasance that it’s not a surprise this report never saw the light of day. Read it for yourself in its entirety and be informed. They have set a precedent for cheating in such a fashion that this country will never have a fair election again. Ever.

What can be done about this? It’s in the past now, right? Talk to your legislators and make sure they are aware of this evidence. Ask them, challenge them to find out what is being done to secure the election system from further fraud moving into the 2022 primaries and the next Presidential election of 2024. They stole it once they will do it again.

Dominion is reputedly trying to sue Sidney Powell. Wonder why that’s not going through? It’s because the truth of Dominion Voting Systems is right here. And they know their exposure will ruin them and the 2020 election results. It shocks me to the core that nothing is being done to resolve this. It should bother you as well that nothing is being done about this. Take action now, or forget the Republic and the Constitution. Those will be gone in a very short time.

Sidney Powell’s full report– read it and share it with others.

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