Antrim Michigan Dominion Report part 2

Pages 3 and 4 of the Antrim, Michigan report on Dominion Voting System results

10. 1,222 ballots were reversed out of 1,491. This is an 81.96% rejection rate. Those ballots all went to adjudication for a decision by election personnel. Which election personnel adjudicated the ballots? Could it have been the like the ballots we saw pulled out from under the table after Republican watchers and several poll workers were dismissed for the night? You remember that, don’t you? The sudden requirements to halt counting for the night, which has NEVER happened before. Is this when the adjudicated ballots came out? What is done in the darkness is never done for the good of all.

12. “This is caused by intentional errors in the system.” These errors led to bulk adjudication with no oversight. Basically the ballots were counted without anyone watching. Again, what’s done in the darkness…

14. Antrim County failed to update its system. Lack of providing basic computer security updates in the system software and hardware is indicative of gross incompetence at best, straight up willful and malicious actor taking action at worst. Being a cyber security specialist, I’m tempted to say that in this case it’s malicious actors. Why, if errors were being noted, did they kick out the oversight prior to even bringing the adjudicated ballots out for adjudication? Why the secrecy? Because they were in the act of stealing your vote and mine.

17. November 21, 2020 an unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results. Did they ever catch this unauthorized user? Or did they just vanish into the ether? That person deserves to be tried criminally.

Missing security logs and changing software after the election? This is easy to answer- someone was hiding their tracks. Not to mention software changes that occurred on 10/23/2020 and 11/5/2020 were clear violations of election law. Why use different versions the software unless there was something that needed tampering?

But wait! There’s more!

20. Clear evidence that the Dominion ImageCast Precinct software was connected to the Internet. API calls and web connections back to the Election Management Server. I shouldn’t have to spell this out for you but I will. If you are trying to maintain the integrity of something like votes, you should never plug in USB sticks. And even worse, you should never, ever connect to the Internet in an insecure manner like what was done here. Remember, this is just Antrim County. One county of MANY. Files were deleted so that the origin and destination of election information cannot be traced, but they were still looking at the time of the report’s release.

In just 4 pages, it should be so obvious that election fraud occurred, but nobody wants to pay attention. Instead, keep looking at Orange Bad Man and his insurrectionists. They want you to forget and move on…

*Sidney Powell’s report is linked here. There are a lot of zingers in the report, you should read it all. But I’ll keep posting pages here.

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