Pipelines and New Deals

Here’s what is missing. John Kerry I doubt has ever had to hold down a regular job that relies on actual skills to perform said job. Props where it’s due, he apparently was a decorated Vietnam Veteran back in the day. So thanks for that. He then turned activist and went to the political realm where he has been every year since.

The point remains the same- he has NEVER held a job where real labor skills were required. The naive political donkeys for the most part have been in office and protected their interests rather than holding down a real job like the rest of the commoners they purportedly represent. Sources so far have suggested upwards of 11,000 jobs have been eliminated with the Executive Order to halt the Keystone pipeline. You have to wonder- who is benefitting by shutting down the pipeline that runs from Canada down to Nevada?

The Guardian reports on the impact it has on Canada, but the impacts are just as heavily felt here. Heavily felt by everyone except maybe the railroads. Sources suggest the demand for crude-by-rail will stand to benefit a lot in this latest “climate crisis”, shoot from the hip order. Guess who owns the railroads? I recommend you ask the Internet. Don’t be surprised when the name Warren Buffett comes up. Yes, railroads are cash cows of the mighty, elite globalists. These are the same hungering maws that society is so distrustful of. Yes, they are good at protecting their own. And in the same swoop they are good at snubbing the hard working people of the country, dismissing them as if finding jobs is going to be easy in the shut-down economy they created.

John Kerry’s “Let them eat cake” moment courtesy of Yahoo news.

For those in the cheap seats, and let’s be honest that applies to all of us who aren’t in the Washington elite, it means less job opportunities– again. Not only will a minimum wage rate-hike cause small businesses to close, it will force those with few job skills to compete with the PhD candidate for the jobs that remain. Guess who will win that fight? When was the last time the elites had to change careers suddenly and find work in an industry with which they have no familiarity? Never. Ever. And if they so cavalierly dismiss those oil workers, what makes you think that you aren’t next? Maybe it isn’t too late to realize the real climate crisis is the politicians that are hell-bent on destroying this country for their own ends.

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