Impeachment against all odds

So here we are, admitting the impeachment doesn’t have the votes to go through. But we are going to waste the time and taxpayer money to go through with the witch hunt anyway.

This is a straight up political charade at this point to allow more grandstanding and speeches on bad, Orange man to gaslight the masses against the fact that the new administration is America-Dead-Last with their policy of sending billions to build up Central America and billions to fund global programs like transgender studies in Pakistan .

Even worse, contemplating new wars and new deployments just a week into the new administration shows the weakness of policy. Rather than demand respect on the global stage, insisting that others share the burden of financially keeping the peace, we are going to return to America-Last global spending of your money and mine.

I’m surprised the USA can even keep the lights on any more, what with crawling back to the Paris Accord as the cash cow. And lesser individuals claim that is “global leadership”. No. We had a global leader in Trump. He made America First by demanding respect at the table via meaningful contributions to the global stage by others instead of tapping American taxpayer’s pockets.

But yes, let’s set a precedent- nobody unapproved by the Swamp is allowed. This is what they will have done to them if they attempt to make America First. You see, the problem lies not in the hard working middle class. The problem is that the money that should be used to raise social status, including education reform, is spent on being the cash cow of the globalists.

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