Censure Cheney!

Yes we should vote to censure Cheney. She, along with 10 other RINOs voted to proceed with the Trump impeachment this coming week without ANY evidence. She’s so eager to suck up to the Democrats and preserve herself that she’s forgotten that she works for the people. The Wyoming Republican Party was correct to censure her at the demands of the voters, who she supposedly works for. It’s unclear if she considers herself to be working for the people or if she’s working for the Democrats instead.

All 10 of those RINOs should be voted out of their position effective immediately and get people who aren’t traitors to their country to represent the party of the people. In case they hadn’t heard, the people want Donald Trump and support him and his policy of America First. Republican representatives and senators must be called to account on behalf of the people who voted for them. Liz Cheney needs to learn to read the room and how to understand evidence and facts versus rumors. She must be removed as the Republican Party leader and she needs to go back to being a civilian. She doesn’t deserve to represent anyone.

*Townhall.com article
*Picture courtesy of J. Scott Applewhite/ AP

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