We Miss Kayleigh

What does an incompetent Press Secretary look like? Jen Psaki. That’s what incompetence looks like. You probably assume I’m biased and rightly so. But let’s take a look together.

The color scheme of Air Force One is only a good question because it’s mundane and requires no thought. Ms. Psaki literally said it was a good question and she’d follow up with the White House Press Corp.

As one who studied journalism in college before moving to cyber security, I think I have a little leeway to criticize the Press of today. There is so much one-sided reporting that’s takes place on a daily basis in the rush to be first, not to be excellent and factual. Pulitzer Prizes shouldn’t be given to any of these Press imbeciles.

Ms. Psaki won’t speak about anything of consequence like the violent Antifa in Washington state, who are now bent on destroying the Democrat machine. But they didn’t say anything about them this summer, decrying that they were Trump’s problem and that they would not go away. Their mostly peaceful message must be heard.

Now who are you going to blame for the continued violence? The President must face these crimes and denounce them equally to the White Supremacists that they swore Trump secretly supported. Let’s be grown ups and call a spade a spade.

And the Washington Post today states finally that Trump did NOT incite the Capitol riot. Amazing what happens when you look for the truth and strive for journalistic excellence instead of journalistic rating and likes.

Ms. Psaki, We The People are not impressed. We grow less amused by the hour. Your duty is to inform the people of what our President is doing and to answer the hard questions. What is Biden going to say about the violence that is continuing?

Did you ever find out the color scheme? Now that you mention it, you may as well follow up with it.

Townhall.com article

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