National Guard Whodunnit?

Pretty despicable to throw out the National Guardsmen into the literal cold. Once the photo-ops were over and our Congressmen and women fawned over them for the adoring media, the Capitol Police threw them out the door to shelter in underground parking lots. Not a good look for the Capitol Police.

But it’s also not a good look for the Biden administration or the new Senate majority leader. He seemed a little clueless, as seems to be the case for the Democrats these days.

What, did we just call 25,000 troops to DC and forget they are humans? One parking garage for 5,000 troops with one bathroom and two stalls and one power outlet. It’s the fault of our leaders that they got left out in the cold. Who told the Capitol police to send them outside in the cold?

Sorry Chuck… this happened in the first two days where the Capitol was under your control. It was your responsibility to ensure they were treated well and you blew it big. No amount of photo-ops cover up you and your party’s clear disdain and lack of consideration.

Townhall article– Matt Vespa

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