The Gag Act

So what is it and more importantly, are we about to see its return? The Gag Rule in Congress, as the image implies, initiated in the 1800’s over the topic of slavery. Specifically, The American Anti-Slavery Society, formed in 1833, laid forth several petitions to Congress in accordance with the First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances. In 1836, a resolution was introduced by Henry Pickney of South Carolina that such petitions should be laid on the table and then ignored. Hence the “gag rule”.

John Quincy Adams, who had previously not stepped forward to speak out for the anti-slavery movement, made his decision to come forward and began his bid by moving strike the gag order at the start of every session whenever the House adopted its rules of procedure for that session. It should be noted that the referenced article below states Adams saw himself as representing a nation not a party or a district. History tells us it took him 8 years to finally gain enough support and in 1844 the standing was repealed.

Do you see the problem here? This is more than just filibustering and presenting a long speech that obstructs hearings in session. Today, I received an SMS from about Nancy Pelosi working on HR1, a Gag Act to push forward in Congress. I wonder who she wants to silence? If you humor their survey, this Gag Act would force free-speech conservative sites to expose their often anonymous donors, including donors like you and me. What does that do? It’s essentially the doxxing of individuals who monetarily support free speech sites! Exposed names of donors… haven’t we heard that before? Of course we have. During the general election of 2019, there were multiple stories out there of exposing donors in your area so that ANTIFA and BLM can pay them a visit. Don’t believe me? Doxxing- could it happen to you? This is a dangerous game to play for everyone. Because once it starts, and it has already started, when will it stop? There are always two dancers in a tango.

The second part of the Gag Act is even more nefarious. It changes the definition of ‘lobbyist’ to include virtually anyone who speaks out against a politician around election time. Sound familiar? It should. Over the summer, millions of conservative patriots rallied for their candidate in state capitals around the nation. They would become the new lobbyists, accountable for speaking out against a party at election time and therefore liable for speaking their minds, voicing their opinions, and possibly facing legal action against them for it.

I have not researched as thoroughly as I would like, but if you are interested in signing their survey to stop the Gag Act, here is the link. When I personally researched the Gag Act, I could find nothing because it hasn’t happened… yet.

*Feature image is an 1856 political cartoon about the Democrats using the gag rule to silence the Anti-Slavery movement. Cartoon found on
*Gag Rule in Congress– website resource for this submission.

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