Vetting the National Guard

So I have to ask the question- first you call 25,000 National Guard to DC, then you add 200 NYPD officers to secure the Capitol and protect the inauguration, then you try to vet them for conservatives in the crowd? It’s probably my imagination, but if you ordered them there and they showed up for duty then their political affiliation probably isn’t a concern. Again, what are you afraid of that you would disarm the very people you asked to come protect your (false) inauguration?

Many have said this already, but doesn’t it kind of feel like an insertion of power (dictator in the case of a capable leader, figurehead in our current case) versus an inauguration of the people? I think the patriots have more than proven themselves innocent of trying to overthrow the government when none of us showed up at state capitals this weekend. Truthfully, it’s a slap in the face that you believe people standing up for their rights and addressing their concerns in public is a threat to democracy. Do I need to point you back to the 2017 inauguration of Trump?

Guess what? This is the liberal left in 2017. Patriots love their country and have not resorted to violence 99% of the time given that there have been organized peaceful assemblies going on for the better part of a year now. But this is a subject for another blog entry. Let’s get back on topic.

Protesters set a parked limousine on fire in downtown Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, during the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Protesters registered their rage against the new president Friday in a chaotic confrontation with police who used pepper spray and stun grenades in a melee just blocks from Donald Trump’s inaugural parade route. Scores were arrested for trashing property and attacking officers. (AP Photo/Juliet Linderman)
Smells of distrust, doesn’t it?

I feel like more than just desperate Republicans are tuning into the Anon theories. It seems like the Democrats have also bought it hook, line, and sinker. Ridiculous conspiracy theories are not for just Republicans I guess. Don’t you find it odd that Republicans are the only ones targeted unfairly for cancellation by the Far Left? Are Democrats the only ones allowed to express their disagreement? And when they do, it’s “mostly peaceful” with the flames of a burning city in the background. Completely double-standard and laughable!

And where are the Republicans in office? Are they standing up for the rights of the National Guard who’s rights are being violated to the tune of 25,000 when being asked about their political affiliations? Oh right, the Republicans with exception to very few are better at silence and doing nothing. They are the reason that this perversion is allowed to continue. Conservatives must primary these officials and replace them with stronger candidates to create a pool of fresh faces eager to do what’s right for We The People.

*Featured image from Washington Post article
*Politico resource article- FBI vetting Guardsmen amid fears of an insider attack

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