Pentagon authorizing more troops

For a ceremony already stacked to the brim with 25,000 troops, there is apparently a need for 2750 more. While the anonymous resource mentioned in the article states 2000 of them are ceremonial support, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that they are capable fighters. 750 of them are very specially trained in chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological warfare as well as explosive weapons.

Image courtesy of Piñon Post

The media is downplaying the presence of so many troops, but wow you have to wonder what they are expecting in DC. And that’s just the DC area. Here in NM, National Guard has been deployed to the state capital of Santa Fe and the Roundhouse, the scene of many peaceful conservative assemblies over the summer, is now completely surrounded by fencing and concrete barriers. State Police have helped to block off the streets into the Santa Fe area, so what was once the people’s building is anything but belonging to and serving the people.

Is all of this merely to take a stand against one man and his followers? 99% of the protests done by conservatives have been peaceful. What is actually going on? DC is closed up tighter than if it were plastic-wrapped so obviously nobody will be visiting for this inauguration in a couple of days. If all of this is merely to stop Trump supporters, then it’s a true over-reaction. Every conservative forum has stated they are staying home and not watching the inauguration. I guess at least Biden will have an audience of service members.

*Politico article reference

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