NM ‘domestic terrorism’ bill

Piñon Post article here-

John does a great job writing this one up so I’ll just let you read his excellent article with the Piñon Post. How, though, can you hold an instructor liable for what another person may or may not do with said training? If there is a vote for HB-70, conservatives at the minimum should look to vote this down. Write your legislatures if you can!

In the long run, this proposed bill is going to deter people from teaching others how to be responsible gun owners. This is not something that will help others become responsible gun owners. If anything, anyone that purchases a firearm of any kind should seek out instruction on how to use it and how to respond. Even something as basic as how to practice shooting is good instruction. Once again, New Mexico is creating laws that will only punish responsible gun owners and leave the reckless untouched. How can people be so simple-minded?

This highlights the perpetual problem of our legislature. Knee-jerk reactions to complex problems will only create more problems. If you want to create laws that really change the game, you have to involve the opinion of the people. Unfortunately big government is terrible at doing that.

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HB 70- a bipartisan bill

  • A. Any person who teaches or demonstrates the use,
  • 2  application or making of any firearm, destructive device or
  • 3  technique capable of causing injury or death to any person with
  • 4  the intent that the knowledge or skill taught, demonstrated or
  • 5  gained be unlawfully used to commit terrorism as defined in
  • 6  Subsection C of this section in furtherance of a civil disorder
  • 7  is guilty of a [fourth] third degree felony [and shall be
  • 8  sentenced under the provisions of the Criminal Sentencing Act
  • 9  to imprisonment for a definite term of eighteen months or, in
  • 10  the discretion of the sentencing court, to a fine of not more
  • 11  than five thousand dollars ($5,000) or both].

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