Investigations that must happen

Now that we are moving toward a peaceful transfer for power, it’s also time to very seriously consider and push to not lose sight of investigations that are needed. Just because we got shouted down doesn’t mean fraud didn’t occur. Don’t make me drag Sidney Powell’s report or the Navarro report back out for you- it’s posted in my blog already.

First and foremost, the investigation into voter fraud MUST proceed, even after the election is won and done. Remember, more than 75 million Americans suspect that our voting system is NOT free and fair. If we do not research and investigate then come up with means to avoid this in the future, elections will remain a dividing point. I am going to go ahead and say it- there will never be a free and fair election ever again. Whichever side cheats the best will win. Not a situation anybody wants to be in.

Section 230 must be modified significantly from it’s 26-word long format. Providing continued immunity to social media companies against being sued for content is no longer viable because it allows them to operate without impunity. They can censor whoever they want, promote whatever content they want, and eliminate whatever voices they want.

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

That’s literally all of it. Twitter and Facebook can moderate content but it doesn’t give them the responsibility to do so. Which is why what happened to Parler was draconic and immoral. Remember the Capitol assault was preplanned and not only that, it was planned on Facebook and Instagram. They are being asked to retain all data types posted on their services as evidence in the attack on the Capitol.

Perhaps limiting the wide-ranging immunity service providers receive would bring them down a notch and teach them that their opinion is not to be applied when it comes to however they see fit to moderate their content and the users of their service. It can and has happened to hundreds of conservatives. It will take a smarter lawyer to propose a way to curb the over reach of Big Tech, but this is something that the Republicans in office MUST address.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and Eric Swalwell’s indiscretion should not go away- that sends a message to everyone that politicians can and will get away with things that the everyday person would go to jail for. Prosecute them according to the laws of our land. Child pornography and treason will do just fine. Americans want justice and backing away from that is what our Republican officials seem to do best. One must ask themselves why that is…

*Eric Goldman’s section 230 year in review for 2020 – an interesting read on previous reform bills introduced that sadly reveals how ignorant our law makers are of how to control this thing called the Internet.
*Daily Torch article – an interesting read for an optimistic plan for ending voter fraud by Catherine Mortensen.

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