EO 13848

The purpose of this blog entry is to highlight the findings on the Department of State’s website that related to the Executive Order #13848, signed by the President in September, 2018. You can read the Executive Order for yourself. In short, the EO removes the financial backing and removes property held by any involved in foreign interference in the election. This includes citizens and permanent legal aliens. Interestingly enough it gives very specific reference to corporate executives here in the United States. This order has been carried out in the background, as the EO states it would be in section 9. More and more is coming to light on the interference in our election. For kicks I am embedding Sidney Powell’s report as well.

Iranian interference- Guilty parties:
2. IRGC- Qods Force (IRGC-QF)
3. Bayan Rasaneh Gostar Institute
4. Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union
5. Internation Union of Virtual Media

Russian interference- 11 Jan 2021: Guilty parties-
1. Andrii Derkach, member of the Ukrainian parliament. (not a good look, Giuliani)
2. Konstantin Kulyik- former Ukraine Gov official.
3. Oleksandr Onyschchenko- former Ukraine Gov official.
4. Andriy Telizhenko- former Ukraine Gov official.
5. Oleksandr Dubinsky- current Ukrainian parliament member.
6. Nabu Leaks
7. Era-Media (has a Facebook page)
8. Only News- page is apparently gone
9. Skeptik TOV
More Russian interference
Russian interference (again)

It’s worthwhile to note that the Executive Order does not discriminate between entities involved in election interference. Do your research and know what’s going on. Some surprise you and some don’t. Either way, be careful what you read and what you believe. This Executive Order was signed for a very good reason.

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